Fibromyalgia & CF-MES Support Group

This is a trauma-informed, mindfulness-based support group for those living with Fibro or chronic fatigue. And Anne lives with both of these and she will be traveling with you on this journey. This is a progressive kind group and we will start together and we will learn different methods to improve our lives each week.

Classes are limited to 10 participants and meet once a week for 75 minutes. Each session is 6-weeks long and is $75. After this initial group, there will be ongoing groups that follow. You may take the intro session as many times as you like, though! Beginner's mind is a great thing. 

This group is geared toward trauma survivors, but you do not have to be one to join. We will focus on living with Fibro and CF-MES, using trauma-informed methods such as mindfulness and movement. We will support one another on our journey, learn from each other and move toward peace. 

Please email here for more information or sign up below. You will be asked to complete two forms and return them to me before our first session.  

Sign up for the class here. Make sure that the email at PayPal is where you can receive your group information. If it is not, please contact me here and let me know.