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Hi, I'm Vonnie & I'm a sucker for pithy quotes, dimples, my grown daughter & son & my fur baby, Georgia!

Jamming to all types of music, deep convos & travel are all enhanced by strong coffee, dark chocolate & fine wine...not necessarily in that order. 

I recently retired from Corporate America & now I am a yoga teacher! I have always been a spiritual person with an inquisitive mind & I have been on a quest for my soul's purpose, in this body & on this earth.

This journey introduced me to many teachers along the way & my heart is full of gratitude for their guidance & wisdom.

I'm here as a shine my walk with you.


May we all be brave enough to search for our soul's path & walk together in peace.!

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Vonnie Drudy



I'm Anne and I'm a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach and raconteur since about age five. I am a trauma survivor and travel with other trauma survivors on their healing journeys. I am also a Transformational Life Coach and have completed multiple trainings in Mindful Self Compassion.


I like to  use somatic work, art, mindfulness and other modalities in practice. I love yoga and Qigong and meditate every damn day. 


When Vonnie asked me to mull over the idea of a podcast, my response was, "No need to mull. I'm in!" 

I am sometimes an artist and writer, always a cat mom and I really want to buy a farm and turn it into a healing center and petting zoo.

I hope you enjoy my insight and stupid, stupid humor. 

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Anne Von denMeer


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Have you made a lot of promises about how you want to improve your life? Your mental/emotional health? Your time on this Earth? Are you ready for some serious support making the next steps?


Cross your heart?


Anne and Vonnie are just a couple average Josies, but they've been through a lot. They are sharing their journeys and they want to hear how you are thriving.


Each week, Anne and Vonnie share the stories from their respective journeys, giving you insight into what worked, and didn't work, for them.  They have guests who are fellow travelers on the healing journey and experts in a variety of fields.


If you have questions or would like to be considered as a guest, contact us at .


Friends, you are on your way to thrive. 

Thanks for submitting!

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