I am a Trauma Survivor.

I have experienced healing.


I want to share my story with you.



Like you, or someone you care about, I've been through my own hell.

Like you, or someone you treat, my story is long and complex.

If we choose the path toward healing, we all take that journey in our individual way. I think this important to know, whether you are on this journey yourself, guiding another or encounter someone with trauma issues in your practice. My intention in speaking about my trauma is multi-faceted. I want others to know they are not alone. I also want everyone to know that healing is possible. Most of all, though, I want to make sure no one goes through what I did. 

Or worse. 


Anne Von denMeer is a trauma activist, writer, speaker and proud disruptor of any status quo that enables dysfunction to continue. 

She has overcome Complex PTSD from both childhood and medical abuse. Her condition was misdiagnosed multiple times, leading to the events that almost ended her life in 2015. 

After that time, having gone through five years of intense psychotherapy, including the correct diagnosis and eventual integration of the actual causes of both her psychological and physical issues, Anne realized that trauma survives in silence. She knew she had to speak out. 

When 2015 began, Anne required a walker to safely move and was sleeping 20 hours a day. Today, she has a daily yoga and meditation practice, walks five miles most days, teaches face yoga and although it is by far the scariest thing she has ever done, speaks to others about healing trauma.

Hear a sample of Anne's voice and sound capabilities.

         Anne's Offerings          

Encouragement for

Trauma Survivors

Insight for Medical 


Sharing My Story -

Understanding Trauma/PTSD

Anne is available to speak to trauma survivors and share her story of healing. 


Anne offers workshops geared toward those who are in various stages of the trauma healing process.  

Anne has insight into the role the medical profession played in the treatment of her own PTSD and trauma issues. She is available to share these insights with psychiatric/medical practices who wish to treat all individuals with the greatest degree of dignity, ameliorate and prevent trauma and avoid inadvertently inflicting trauma on others.

Anne is available to speak to organizations or at events where her compelling story of recovery from trauma and complex PTSD would be educational and motivational.


Anne is also available for podcast and other media appearances. Click here for her One Sheet, here for her media kit and here to request more information. 

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Anne was interviewed on the "Women Over 50: A Life Redesigned" podcast about her experience with PTSD and misdiagnosis.

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